We are pleased to offer our customers the possibility of complementing the stamping of parts with the preparation of assembled or welded semi-finished components.

The assembly can be done both manually and with the use of automated or semi-automated equipment, specifically designed and made.

The assembly lines are also developed in accordance with Lean Manufacturing requirements, using our in-house team of skilled personnel.

The most complex and robotized equipment for large volumes are engineered and made by our partners.
Our welding machines are up to 350 Kw of power.


Our Innovation:
Bonding of Zinc-Plated Sheet-metal with Polyethylene!

The Bonding is a technological solution through which Casati Stampi can bond through polymerization expanded polyethylene sheets with any type of metal (also electroplated).

The semi-finished product so obtained can then be blanked and drawn to obtain parts with better sound-proofing, vibration suppression and moisture retention.

Example of a material we offer:
Zinc-plated sheet-metal bonded with closed-cell expanded POLYETHYLENE

25-250 kg per m3
Excellent Thermal insulation
Range: 40 C + 95 C
Water proof
Minimum water absorption
Condensing Insulation
Compression resistance

High elasticity
Standard: MVSS302SE - UL94HF1
Does not go rotten, non-toxic Non-polluting

Please contact us to obtain more information and details!