Components for Air-conditioning Units: Casati Stampi is partner of the major players in the sector worldwide!

Air-conditioning is one market that has boosted Casati Stampi's business at the beginning of this century: we can boast a long experience in stamping pre-painted materials and in supplying assembled and painted cabinets for complete air-conditioning units.

We can offer assembly lines for complete air-conditioning cabinets and Kanban deliveries.

Our customers? The major Players worldwide!

80% Export, 20% Italy.


However Casati Stampi means also innovation....

As a matter of fact we have also developed on our own a process that allows us to obtain materials bonding: raw-finish or zinc-plated sheet-metal bonded to expanded polyethylene, in a way that offers to our customer an innovative product, which subsequently can also be blanked and drawn.

Density 25-250 kg per m3
Excellent Thermal insulation Range: 40 C + 95 C
Water proof Minimum water absorption
Condensing Insulation  
Compression resistance High elasticity
Self-extinguishing Standard: MVSS302SE - UL94HF1
Does not go rotten, non-toxic  

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